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June 25 2015


Love awakens us


“From love we learn to ease
our fretful longing for more
and to rest in the blessedness
of things as they are.

From love we learn to heal our losses
and our fears of loss.

Love awakens us.
It shows us the truth about ourselves and
gives us the courage to live this truth.

Love sustains us:
it is our quintessential nourishment.

And love connects us–to others,
to ourselves, and to the source of all being.

Love is our teacher,
and we are love’s apprentices.”

June 15 2015


About Karma

Image result for Karma
When a bird is alive.. it eats Ants. 
When the bird is dead.. ants eat the bird. 
Time & Circumstances can changes at any time. 
Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life. 
you may be powerful today. But remember. 
Time is more powerful than you! 
One tree makes a million match sticks… 
Only one match stick needed to burn a million trees…

So be good and do good...
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